My Story


“Mama says they was magic shoes. They could take me anywhere.”

My story…

Growing up in Elizabethtown, PA, I was an avid sports fan and competitive athlete. This love for sports, combined with my knack for getting injured while playing football and baseball, led me to have a passionate interest in becoming a certified athletic trainer. With my invaluable educational, practical, and personal experience as an undergrad at Penn State University (We Are!), my career began. Here, I would meet the first few of many great mentors and successful colleagues I would come to know through my professional journeys. My journey has taken me through a variety of settings: from college athletics (Div 1 & 3) and high school and middle school communities, through the clinical rehabilitative setting and performance training/wellness coaching environments, to a senior level management position for community-based fitness start-up, to now a sports medicine and fitness supervisor position for a highly-regarded healthcare network. I cherish and value each and every one of my professional experiences, learning from both my successes and errors, as well as the successes and errors of others. I’m thankful for the great connections I have made, the tools I have been blessed with, and those who I cooperatively work with to achieve win/win outcomes.


On the flip-side, as a husband to an amazing wife, a father of four amazing children, and a so-called “social butterfly”, I value a healthy work-life balance.  I love traveling and exploring new places (where should we go next?!).  I’m always finding ways to stay active (who’s up for some hiking?).  I have an eclectic taste for music (“random” is my favorite setting – it’s exciting not knowing what comes next).  Whenever possible, I enjoy catching up with both old and new friends.  Oh yea – and I kind of enjoy a little Penn State football (my wife calls it an obsession…but I call it passion!).

Why I love what I do for a living…

Simply put, I love seeing other people achieve their goals.  I find it extremely rewarding to see those I work with succeed in what they desire to accomplish.  The clients’ outcomes are what matters…whether it is guiding the recovery from ACL surgery to help them return to the sport they love at an even higher performance level than pre-injury, or helping someone move forward with a successful fitness program to help them continue to be active with their children in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s…and beyond.

Why did I create the “Sports Medicine for the Masses” blog?

Dialogue opens the door for empathy, collaboration, and positive results…

Working in a human service profession, I have the rewarding opportunity to interact with numerous people almost every day. I am challenged on a day-to-day basis with a diverse array of clients who possess varying personalities, cultures, societal status, experiential backgrounds, and approaches to life. Because of this, it is essential to value the importance of maintaining never-ending dialogue with peers, co-workers, and clientele. Dialogue opens the door for empathy and collaboration, for it is important for both the professional and the client to take a team-approach to their plan of care/goal-achieving process. Dialogue is used to continue to grow both personally and professionally.  For example, I view my knowledge-base and development as “incomplete”. If I simply just regurgitated the information that I possess, without taking the time to completely understand its basis, I am putting myself in position which may inhibit rather than expedite positive outcomes in my clients. I gain this deeper understanding through constant dialogue with mentors, peers, and clients. As healthcare, fitness, and wellness professionals, it is important to understand the rationale for the critical choices we make with our clientele.




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