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Here is a composite list of my blogs. Enjoy!

Learning to be OK with Earning Number 2: Guest blog by Dr. Pete Economou

That Moment We Wait For

10 Tests for Measuring Athletic and Functional Performance

12 Ways to Make an Impact: A Life Skills Guide for Athletes (& Everyone Else!)

Positive Promotion of the Athletic Training Profession: Guest blog by ATSNJ Public Relations Chairman Allan Parsells, MS, LAT/ATC

Lean Approach to Removing Waste to Improve Your Process

Resistance Training Guidelines & Exercise Progression in Injury Rehabilitation

10 Tips for New College Graduates (Healthcare and Wellness Edition)

6 self-help strategies for sticking with your exercise routine

2 risk factors for Tommy John surgery: A concerning trend

Spring acclimation tips for tennis athletes – Guest blog by’s Ian Westermann

5 essential components for developing agility

Thank you to the athletic trainer…

Embrace your inner child

3-part series on the ACL:
Developing empathy for ACL recovery
The ACL: Much more than “just a ligament”
ACL rehab and return to play protocol: My approach

Top 5 things I learned in 2013

Ankle sprains. Yea, they suck. Unless you manage them properly!

Does Corrective Exercise belong in the fitness world? YES! – Guest blog by Jeff Buxton, MS, NASM-PES, FMS, ACE-CPT

Post-Thanksgiving Workout (Turkey Blaster!)

Power Development for Athletes: Improving Explosiveness

Approaches to improving your training – Guest blog by Derek Arledge, CSCS

“40 in 40″: the efficient total body workout

Ten Random Thoughts – A sports medicine salad

Two-part series on the booty:
Got Glutes? (Part 1 – assessment)
Got Glutes? (Part 2 – strengthening exercises)

Benefits of exercising while pregnant – Guest blog by Patra Acquaviva, MS, CSCS

Common football injuries – a fantasy football manager’s guide

Building rapport: tips for healthcare and fitness pros

What parents and coaches MUST know about concussions

4 key components of a successful dynamic warm up

A fitness-based approach to dominate the dance floor at your next party

Identifying your professional philosophy and personal mission statement

Welcome to the journey of continuous growth!

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